Pros and Cons of Leading Event Management Software Solutions

Pros and Cons of Leading Event Management Software Solutions

Now that quarantines are steadily being lifted across the U.S., companies want to gain lost ground through events that can bring their customers back. They are looking again to tap the advantages of online event management system. Many of them were using the app prior to the crisis. According to Mordor Intelligence, the event management software market was poised to reach a market value of $14.94 billion by the year 2025. 

However, because every dollar counts, and events planners want to know that their investment will pay off in the long run. The low-touch economy might also have changed the rules of the game. They ask themselves, “How will this new normal transform the industry, its audience, as well as the various types of event management I am handling?”

The advantages and disadvantages of using event management software solutions

With those reasons mentioned above, the search for the top event management software is on the top of their business recovery list. Here is a short guide showing the advantage and disadvantage of event management system: 

Pros of Leading Event Management Software Solutions

Pro #1: Ticketing made easy 

The customers who are raring to enjoy themselves in a concert after months of seclusion will want to gain access to it easily, efficiently, and online. The event management software makes the ticketing process actually fun and attractive. You can customize your landing pages, fill them with all the information that your customer needs, and brighten them up with eye-catching images that will promise them a good time.

In these days of social distancing, ticketing pages can also guide your customers where they can seat themselves during the event. Its seat map can show the distance of their preferred seat to that of the nearest concert attendee. That would assure them of their safety and give them more confidence in attending your event.

Pro #2: Direct payments 

A stream of revenue and paying customers are what all businesses need right now. The usual practice of paying a vendor weeks or months after activation can actually cripple your enterprise. Dollars infusing your treasury through credit cards, cash payments, and mobile services can keep you afloat in these trying times. 

Event management solutions help you in this matter. As soon as an event attendee or partner pays through the system, the software will channel the amount to your account. You have the option of setting the collection date. Money can be transferred immediately after payment (which is preferred these days), or days or weeks after.

Pro #3: Ability to serve all types of events

As emphasized by these tips for event planning, an event will rise and fall on the strength of its management team. Organization, which anticipates every need and responds to it accordingly, is key to its success. Flexible event management software solutions can support your efforts. 

They have been designed to serve the various types of events you might put up this year, and for the ones to come. Concerts and shows are just the tip of the iceberg. You might want to hold corporate meetings for your entire personnel; training classes and workshops for your workforce; exhibitions and trade shows to promote your brand to your target publics; or even trips to museums and other destination spots to treat your very important clients. A state-of-the-art, dynamic event management software solution can assist in your scheduling, ticket pricing, reward system, tour guidance, and seat allocations.

Cons of Leading Event Management Software Solutions

Con #1:  Lack of design options

This is where some event management solutions excel more than others. Some just offer the basic landing pages with minimal design options. The overall result looks like a quickly done corporate website that does not provide the spark that your event promises to give. The number of pages, tools, and images you can put and use are very limited. 

If this event management software does not excite you, it will not excite your audience. Look for others that will give you more bang for your buck.

Con #2: Inability to integrate with your business

Some event management solutions are not able to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. You are forced to buy any more features, stretching a thin budget. 

Second, the software cannot match your growth. However, it must be flexible in order to help you accomplish the goals you have set for that particular event. The purpose of event management system must be aligned with your own purpose.

Research by the Event MB Studio Team shows that organizers have three top priorities in doing events: networking (82%), learning (71%), and entertainment (38%). Can the event management software you are considering help you fulfill any of these goals at any given time? Or can it also achieve at least two out of these three in a single event, if that is what you need at that point? If not, look for another brand.

Do you need event management software?

There are pros and cons in deploying an event management software, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. An advanced, customizable solution will neutralize or even remove the limitations. In the long run, it can help you connect with your customers and even build a stronger community out of that connection. 

Tips for event planning

Event planning is a powerful tool for businesses. Moreover, event planning helps in the development of businesses. This broad concept includes many specific formats. Business events are an integral part of the company’s life, including forums, exhibitions, presentations, business meetings, promotions, conferences, seminars, trainings, etc. An important factor is the fact that this activity allows you to work closely with civil society and rely on the support of state structures and local governments. Additionally, you need to know event planning methods. Without event planning, your event will be unorganized, as everything needs to have a plan.

Event planning for a conference

It is no secret that business is done not between companies, but between people. In any case, it is the human factor that plays a fundamental role. Therefore, participation in the organization of youth forums, festivals and competitions for students, schoolchildren, the organization of thematic events for older people, participation in holding celebrations will have a positive impact on the promotion of the company, its awareness, and help in building relationships with local communities and business partners. government representatives. Conducting seminars, trainings, conferences for company employees, business partners allows solving tasks such as team building, improving the quality of internal employee communications, unlocking the potential of each participant in the training, and ultimately leads to the promotion of products, the company’s brand, expansion, and development business.

Businesses or individuals always face problems in event planning. That’s why we want to discuss with you event planning tips. In this article you will learn more about event planning.

Budget for event planning

Recent studies have shown that the demand for meetings and events is growing. At the same time, according to other studies, experts predict that reducing the budget for events will be the biggest problem they will face in 2020.

Each event organizer knows that the size of the budget greatly influences the organization of events. A small budget can make the event organizer think creatively and outside the box, but it can also mean that you have to choose between the ideal place and the one that is available to you within the budget.

So, what should the event organizer do?

Here are some strategies to prove your ROI and plan your budget for your event.

  • Do research

As they say, knowledge is power. Find out what is happening with the budgets of other departments; Does a company cutting an event budget spend more on other things? Also, get an idea of what is happening in the industry. Do other event organizers face the same budget problems as you? Is an increase in demand for events expected? Knowing what to expect will give you more leverage at the negotiating table.

  • Focus on your strengths

Many event organizers have recently been under heavy pressure, and it can be difficult to juggle with all the tasks that need to be done. To maintain concentration, determine the team’s strengths, as well as any tasks that must be transferred or eliminated.

Venue for the event

Finding the right place for the event is perhaps the most difficult task of any event organizer. According to a recent survey in which about 500 professionals from our industry participated, the event site is the most expensive part of the budget allocated to it. Since the place for an event is always expensive, but always very significant, it will be useful for the organizers to learn the basic rules by which to look for it.

  • Decide on goals

Whether you are planning a conference, an exhibition or just a meeting, it is important to always keep in mind the main goal of this event. With the help of your event, will participants have to learn something, or get acquainted with useful people, or learn about a new product? The answer to this question will help you choose a place that will be consonant with the goals that you set for yourself.

The results you want to achieve need support from the site itself. If one of your goals is to make a clear statement about the sponsor, then a place where a sponsor stand can be placed next to the welcome zone will be the most successful.

Ticketing for event

There are ways to significantly save on selling tickets to events and make life easier for yourself and for customers. The most common way to sell tickets today, especially in the entertainment sector: online or offline ticket office. It is important to remember that traditional cash desks assume the cost of printing paper tickets and deducting commissions, reaching up to 15%, to intermediary cash registers. At the same time, event managers have a better alternative – online services for organizing ticket sales. They allow you to use for this purpose your own site, groups in social networks and many other resources that your target audience reads. Partnership with them is not free, but it can be cheaper than cooperation with intermediary cash registers. In addition, you can agree on barter: place on the page of the community most suitable to you a widget with a registration form for the event and pay for tickets in exchange for an advertising banner on your website or publication in your group on social networks.

Features of event ticketing software

Over the past two years, the growth in sales of electronic tickets to events in the market as a whole amounted to more than 400%. This was facilitated by the emergence of several services that allow organizers to sell on the Internet in real-time. In this article, we will tell you how they differ from each other, and which one is best for you. Modern life is focused on simplicity. Everyone wants to live easier: make purchases using mobile applications, pay for services via the Internet, work in cloud services, etc. This has not bypassed the event industry, each organizer seeks to automate the process of buying and selling e-tickets, using dedicated sites and online services.

When an event organizer is looking for the ticketing software, it is important to find ticketing software with the best features. About those features, we will talk more in the next paragraph.


To allocate event budget and start selling tickets for the event, event organizers need to know the pricing. If the service fee is affordable, then event organizers can allocate more money to the venue and other important things.

Direct payments

One of the most crucial features for event organizers is a direct payment. For instance, you are organizing an event. Do you want to get your money instantly or after some period of time? For sure, getting money instantly is the most convenient way.

24/7 support

You have a question about ticketing software and want an answer immediately? Then you can address your question in online chat. Do not want to wait several hours to get a reply? Then look for a ticketing software with 24/7 support.

Seat-based allocation

When you are planning an event, you need to think about the customers too. Event planning is more efficient when ticketing software has seat-based allocation. Let me explain what seat-based allocation means. It provides event customers with the choice to choose their seats by themselves.

Ultimately, event planning tips are the key features of success. Event organizers and managers while preparing any event need to rely upon some plan. To plan an event of any type, event organizer needs to estimate budget, find a fitting venue and find the suitable ticketing software.

Ready? Then setup your ticket and start selling!